I am a light designer and operator with over a decade of experience in sound, light and video.

I design 2d and 3d lighting plots.

Over the last 8 years I have specialized in light programming and operating on Grandma Consoles

About me

Light Design

2D Cad drawings

3D Renderings


Whit the help off 3d software we can pre-program light shows without the expensive lighting rig


Grand MA 2

Grand MA 3


Light Design Programming Operating

Always in total control with the GrandMA 3 Light

This desk gives me endless possibilities for controlling dimmers, moving lights and media servers.




Paterswolde The Netherlands

Emlichheim Germany 

3D Visualization Demo

In 2019 I had the privilege to get the second Grand MA 3 Light in the Netherlands.

This Desk will be the standard in lighting control for the next 10 years.

The previs studio

This room is built with 1 purpose in mind the ultimate pre program room for light and video. A large screen of 3.7 meters wide and Surround sound systeem brings you completely in to the show your making.

In the center lies the New MA Lighting GrandMA 3 Light a desk with endless possibilities. On the left side a desk for making quick adjustments to the 3D drawing.

And on the right side space for working on media servers and timecode timelines. All the desk’s are on wheel’s and electric adjustable in height for high flexibility of the space.

Room specifications:

7 meter long by 4,3 meter wide

3,7 meter wide screen

7.1 surround sound system

The desk’s:

2x 24’’ screen

adjustable height for 65 to 110 cm

built in power, data point and usb connections

Build out of the vision to make the ultimate pre program room