Improved workflow

grandMA3 has a refined user interface designed to be ergonomic yet fully featured. Users can customize their workflow to incorporate favorite options and features, without cluttering their workspace. Standard default-configurations for screen views and playback layout are fully featured but can be customized, providing a new level of flexibility that many grandMA console users will appreciate.


Advanced processing technology

At the heart of the grandMA3 control system is a powerful new MA designed processing engine featuring high performance Intel® technology. The capacity and power of the cutting-edge hardware is far in excess of current requirements, allowing plenty of headroom for future developments.



In addition to the lighting control capabilities, the grandMA3 software features an integrated 3D visualiser for pre-programming, and the ability to manipulate and playback basic media content directly from within the console.

Designed from the ground-up to incorporate audio and video content, grandMA3 software provides seamless interaction across the platform.

Optimum performance is resource dependent, therefore additional processing hardware will be required in some instances.


A consistent theme for MA Lighting consoles is connectivity, and the grandMA3 console is no exception. All console variants come with a full set of hardware connections suitable for Midi, LTC, Audio in and out, local Trigger inputs and multiple Ethernet connections for expanded functionality.


Improved Effects

Dynamic effects are no longer restricted to just two step modulated parameters. The grandMA3 software has a totally new effects concept allowing, multi-step effect sequences to be nested inside a cue or preset. “Phasers” are treated just like static parameter values and respect normal programming syntax.


grandMA3 onPC

onPC versions of the grandMA3 software are available for Windows 10 and macOS®. The grandMA3 onPC Windows version can be used in conjunction with the grandMA3 onPC command wing and grandMA3 onPC XPort Nodes as standalone systems. The grandMA3 macOS® version can only be used as a preprogramming tool, back-up or as a designer display.

grandMA2 compatibility

The grandMA3 control consoles are compatible with shows created on grandMA2 consoles. Where features allow, existing shows can be exported from grandMA2 software 3.4 for use in all grandMA3 console models.

The grandMA3 full-size and light console models also incorporate fully featured Mode2, which runs native grandMA2 software version 3.4 and later.

Founded on the legacy of the previous grandMA consoles, the grandMA3 represents a radical re-think of what’s possible from a lighting control platform. The elegant new system-architecture incorporates new fixture, feature and effects-handling at its very heart.


The system features ground-breaking concepts from top industry visionaries, presented within a refined user interface, and is designed to make practical tasks more intuitive.


The physical design detail of the grandMA3 range is extraordinary and focused on delivering the best possible user experience, now and into the future.
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Paterswolde The Netherlands

Emlichheim Germany 

Real-time control for up to 250,000 parameters per session in connection with grandMA3 processing units

6 DMX outputs, 1 DMX input

2 internal foldable monitor multi-touch screens

2 internal letterbox multi-touch screens

2 internal multi-touch command screens

2 external multi-touch screens can be connected

41 rotary RGB backlit encoder

5 backlit dual encoders

15 backlit motorized 60mm faders

60 separate playbacks

16 assignable x-keys

Integrated keyboard drawer

Built-in uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

3 etherCON connectors, 6 USB connectors

2 backlit motorized A/B faders 100mm

Individually backlit and dimmable silent (clickless) keys